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Birds of Prey Photography Workshops in Essex

Estate Agents Photography Workshop

As a bespoke service for Estate Agents and similar professions, I offer a workshop covering the techniques and considerations required to produce professional property images.

For an industry depending on the quality of its presentation, it may be surprising to see poor photography on property listings.  My own experience of moving house showed me how my choice of agent was heavily influenced by the quality of the photography, web-presence, and paper brochures.  I wanted an agent in which I could be confident my property was going to be shown in its best light.

However, most estate agents aren't photographers, yet they're expected to produce high quality photography.  By providing tuition in how to best present a room, giving a step-by-step guide to simply and consistently get the good quality images, and supplying a bespoke handout tailored to the cameras in use, I can help you gain more clients.

Depending on the size of group requiring the tuition, the workshop can be presented as a single session of around 3 hours, or multiple sessions over the course of a day.

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My Estate Agent photography workshops are bespoke packages designed around your company and the cameras you use.  Get in touch directly to discuss your requirements and schedule a date for the workshop.

Standard fees for the workshop are £300 for a half day, and £500 for a full day, plus venue fees if appropriate.  Duration of booking depends on the number of participants, as a guide I would suggest splitting any number above 20 into two or more sessions, fewer than 20 can be covered in one half-day session.

Bespoke Photography Workshops

If your camera club, U3A group, or other organisation or business would like a workshop designed specifically for them, that's no problem at all.

Any of my standard workshops can be provided, or these can be altered, or new ones designed, depending on your requirements.  Just get in touch to discuss what you need.  If it's just a practical photography session, or one that doesn't need a slideshow prepared, then the private photography tuition rates apply.

How Much Do They Cost?

Bespoke workshop prices do vary, depending on what you require, but in general:

If the workshop is being designed from scratch, or modified from an existing workshop, and a slideshow is involved, they are £300 for a half day (3 hours), and £500 for a full day (6 hours), plus venue fees if appropriate.

If you'd like me to run one of my already prepared workshops with no alteration, the 6 hour ones (The Art of Garden Photography, Composition and Light, Know The Basics (Learn To Control Your Camera), Sea and Shore Photography, Close-up and Macro Nature Photography) are £350 for the day, the Birds of Prey are £750 for the day (6 hours), South Bank and City of London photography workshops (4 hours) are £270, all plus venue fees if appropriate.

A 4 hour informal workshop, essentially a private tuition session with a number of people, follows the rates on my private photography tuition page, so for four or more participants having a 4 hour session, it's £240, plus venue fees if appropriate.

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"This workshop was far more than I expected as it is so reasonably priced.  I came away feeling really motivated and looking forward to trying all the different things I have learnt.  I will definitely book the next course." Julie M.

"Just to say a big THANK YOU for a fabulous 121.  Despite the weather I really enjoyed the day and learnt so much, thank you for your patience and skill and for sharing your great photography skills with me." Debbie W.

"I have had a couple of courses with Daniel and he made everyone feel at ease and was always pleased to help with issues from the minor to the major on any make of camera." Matt B.

"I finally know how to use my camera properly.  The change in the quality of my photographs was stunning." Peter W.